Proud Parent.

First let me say my children are the best thing that has ever happened to me "as any proud parent would say". My husband  and I have 4 children and not to brag but 2 boys 2 girls balanced out even, just the way we wanted to be my oldest is a boy my youngest is a girl we are a solid 6, strong and always playing having fun with the boys against the girls when we played games and did thing just for fun we enjoyed each other and we are a proud family that loved hard and played nice. We couldn't ask for anything better then that. It's my kids being raised in a two parent home and in the community we are living in that a hard thing to have going for you is a two parent household my kids went to bed knowing mom and dad kept them safe and away from harm. I got up in the morning on the weekends and cooked breakfast and dad got up on the weekends and planned things to do with the kids to enjoy our time together especially on the days where it was warm and beautiful we are the kind of family that loves to fish take nature walks and love animals we did everything together if you can imagine that we were family and best friends. My daughters we shopped together and cooked the men played the game together and did the yard work. We wasn't story book like you see in the movies but we were a Unit and we stood together for each other thru everything the world was dishing out we knew we could get over it together.

Let's start from the very beginning

My name is Krista and I birthed two wonderful children my oldest is my son Michael and my youngest my daughter Navada I had with my husband. My husband name is Navada yes the same as my daughter he has 7 children but not with me so in total it's 9 children. It may sound like a lot but not really 2 of the children he had came into my home very young Christian was 4 and Victoria was 2. The rest of the children I probably won't talk about because one I respect they privacy and two some of the relationships are just not there but let's not get to far of track as why in here. My oldest has Asperger's which is a form of autism but you wouldn't know it if you met him he's just a quiet guy who like to be by his self most of the time but always was apart of whatever we wanted to do as a family he would participate as best as he could he was without a doubt the big brother my kids needed and loved they didn't look at him any different then anybody else would they siblings next in age is Christian, they are 4 years in difference but still got along and Christian understand at a young age his big brother was different but nothing changed how he loved him. They shared a room as kids and they enjoyed the time together they played the same games and watched the same cartoons like boys do at that age. Then we have Victoria she came into my life at 2 such a sweet girl we were inseparable she clinged to me we went everywhere together she was my right hand girl when I got into the car she was at my hip. Now, they didn't walk into the door calling me mom they called me at first Momma B. I was ok with that they could have called me whatever made them feel comfortable I tried to make it as easy as possible. My husband received Christian first because we would go get them for the weekend and he would cry when it was time to go back you see my husband had always been in the life since the day of birth but he wasn't with mom any more so when we pulled up to drop him off he didn't like it so since they wasn't in school yet it was easy to keep him past the weekends some times just so he wouldn't be so emotional when he went back to his mom and grandma. Victoria didn't quite understand what was going on she just rode with the motion but Chris he knew to be so small he knew. Chris knew he never wanted to leave his dad he knew he wanted to be wherever his dad was and if that meant not going back to his biological mom to him that was ok. This is why he didn't want to go back you see his biological mom was and still on street drugs at that time they was not living stable or even eating on a regular my husband did what he could he would drop them off and take food she had two other kids older then Christian and Victoria they wasn't his so he had no say so over them but he did for them too just to make sure they ate and was clothe also we believe no child should be punished because of lack of guidance from one parent. We discuss everything about these kids all four at one time we thought about getting because they knew my husband and he really didn't want to separate them but we will get into that in a minute getting ahead of my self. I'll be back tomorrow to add a little more. Stay tuned.

Bringing our family to a wholeness.

Ok so as I was saying Chris never wanted to leave so we got to a point were he just didn't go back that made him so happy. Biological mom didn't even care she never called or even inquired why he never returned my personal opinion I think she wanted him there to keep from Hearing him asked about his dad and where is he at. She didn't care because she knew he was safe but also that was one less child she had to worry about so with that she was able to be a little bit freer to do what she wanted to do because the other kids were with her mother  put in the Burden on her as she ran the streets not to return for days. The kids that wasn't his we had no say so we tried to keep one of them with us but it just was not a good fit as far as trying to keep him on the right path it was not a problem to care for him but when it came down to him going to school we had no way of doing that because we legally had no rights to him so with that we had to send him back to the grandmother because there was nothing we could do we couldn't put them in school we couldn't take them to the doctors because we weren't related and had no legal say so over him for my husband that was kind of hard because he knew what he was going back to and the lifestyle that was eventually going to be upon him growing up there with them he knew it was going to be hard for that child  but what else could we do but let him know that we tried our best. So now, we get to Victoria through all this getting the other-child with chris  at our home Victoria was still coming over and spending time and doing things with us as a family we just started seeing things when we picked her up we didn't like for one her hygiene was not good her hair was not done her clothing let's just say was not hers too big way too big at one time we picked her up she had no shoes it tore my husbands heart because the more we bought and sent back the last we saw of it when we picked her up so it got to where the grandmother call Tim and see it is it anyway you can take her also because I'm struggling over here with them with no help from her and of course without a question in my mind I said go get her.. we were already bonding spending time together doing things that a two-year-old should be doing with a parent learning things working on spelling her name where we live things that you do with your 2 year old. I had no problem welcoming this sweet precious little girl and to my home I looked into her eyes and I knew she belong I had no problem loving her from the moment she walked in my door so that made us three men to women and she had them wrapped they played what ever she wanted she did not care what they was doing she wanted to play they were like putty in her hands they didn't complain and I loved it I didn't have to birth these two to know I would forever love them and care for them with every being in my soul.